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Timber Garden Shed OSCAR 20

Garden Shed OSCAR 20

Garden Shed OSCAR 20


The OSCAR 20 is made from 50mm logs and is the larger brother of the SAM 10 in our range. The OSCAR 20 is very strongly built, and the solid timber logs allow you to easily fit out the inside with whatever you desire.

Suitable for far more uses than just storing your every-day variety of garden tools (though the OSCAR 20 does that, too, with lots of room for just about everything!!).

How about an artist's studio? A teenagers sleep-out? A shed for tinkering? Or the workshop you always wanted?

Inside OSCAR 20


Inside - OSCAR 20

Simply sitting pretty in any backyard!

For weather protection there is a 700mm overhang porch roof at the front, adding further to the OSCAR 20's functionality. Like all solid timber log sheds the OSCAR 20 is watertight and windproof, meaning that (unlike in low-quality tin-sheet garden sheds) bugs and spiders can not get in, and you can stay in your shed in even the worst of weather conditions.

These types of sheds are simply in a different league with regards to strength, beauty, functionality and longevity.

OSCAR20 - Ground Plan

Access is via a double width front gable door - we have modernised the look of your new garden shed by removing the "french style" window timber dividers. This makes not only for an up-to-date appearance, it also means much less maintenance and easier window cleaning!

For light and airflow there is a window on the left OR the right hand side wall OR you can even install this in the middle of the rear wall!

PLUS additional windows are available (please get in touch to check availability and price) in case you want more than the one window that comes with your OSCAR20 cabin, to let even more natural sunlight in.

The OSCAR 20 measures 4.45m square, totaling 19.98sqm, so perfectly ok to put up in backyards in NSW and VIC. Please check with your local authorities before erecting your new garden shed!


  • The OSCAR 20 has a foot print of just under 20 sqm, so can be put up in most backyards in NSW and VIC.
  • Double Glazed Windows and Solid Pine Core Doors - click for more information
  • Individual requirements and preferences for external decking / patios / verandas vary from site to site and are therefore not included in your backyard shed kit
  • Colorbond Roofing and or roof insulation / sisalation is not included but can easily be sourced locally to suit your preferred colour
  • Backyard Sheds normally come with softwood floorboards not suitable to Australian conditions (not included in your cabin kit), we recommend to replace these with StructaFloor / TermiFloor tongue-and-groove particle board flooring.