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ROOF and FLOOR Insulation

The image on the left shows how to insulate your log cabin roof and floor using the standard components normally supplied with your cabin. "Timber Log Buildings Australia" has amended the list of materials supplied, to reflect Australian building regulations and also catering for your personal preference for roofing materials.

Cabins would normally be supplied with tar roof sheets or shingles (!). Great for European colder climate areas - but not good for the extremely hot temperatures often experienced Downunder. The most popular Australian roofing material is corrugated iron sheeting like "COLORBOND®" or other similar products. The advantages of Colorbond are obvious - besides longevity at a very reasonable price, you are also spoilt for choice with regards to colors. Colorbond can also easily be insulated, a wide variety of vapor barriers is readily available to ensure that many years from now your roof will look as good as on the first day you installed it. Roofing is not supplied with your cabin - only the timber roof lining boards, to guarantee a totally authentic look of the interior of your new timber log building.

Cabin Kits normally come with softwood floor boards however, these are simply not suitable for our climate and are also not sufficiently protected against termite and other pests. They will not be included in your cabin kit, and should be replaced with StructaFloor / TermiFloor tongue-and-groove particle board flooring, giving you a huge choice of floor finishes (carpet, floating timber floors, laminates, vinyls, tiles etc).