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Adding a Gazebo to your backyard not only adds functionality and increases the value of your property, but much more importantly is also beautiful and provides a sense of serenity. On these pages you will find three of the most popular models - but of course you can get any shape or size custom designed to your own personal ideas or needs. Add your favorite outdoor furniture, a BBQ and so on - PLUS of course there are endless choices when it comes to lighting, creating an absolutely magical atmosphere for your dinner party - i.e. how about a LED Chandelier?

Whilst only free-standing constructions are shown here, we also offer patios that attach to house walls, covering your deck, verandah, walk way etc. These can be made to just about any size and shape you desire, just get in touch with us and share your design ideas - we will help you with your project and make sure it's all you dreamed off - and than some!