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Solid Timber Door

Solid Timber Door

Outside temperatures and general weather conditions such as strong winds, high humidity, dust particles etc are not welcome inside any residential dwelling, the same of course applies to timber log cabins. The Australian climate is generally milder than that in Northern European countries, where our log cabins are produced. As a result, the European manufacturing processes used in the production of our residential timber log buildings are catering for the extremes - including heavy snow loads on roofs, and outside temperatures down to minus 30 Degrees!

All doors are made out of solid wood!

One of the most striking construction differences are the doors. Door cut-outs form openings in the otherwise solid timber log walls. Using standard entry doors would result in the constant loss of internal warmth in winter or cooler air in summer, as well as causing security concerns. As a result doors used in European residential dwellings have a vastly superior construction method of what is commonly available in Australia.

Australian doors and door jambs do not normally seal airtight when being closed - invariably a more or less small gap is prevalent after the lock has engaged. This is than often remedied with after-market seals and sills to minimise the loss of warmth in the colder winter months, and to keep heat out during peak summer. European made doors on the other hand are of a much more solid construction, using as their base material solid wood. Our external timber doors are made to the German IV68 standard, from dry, triple-layer laminated pine timber that is free of branch markings.

All doors also have a proper rubber seal all round (sometimes even double and triple seals!) - so besides the insulation value of solid wood there is also no chance of draft coming through the frames. All doors open inwards, allowing you to add flyscreen doors (something that is not in demand in Europe!).

Another issue is the quality of the hardware used in the construction of our doors - German precision engineering guaranteeing smooth operation of the opening, closing and locking of your log cabin door(s) for many years to come. To protect them against the elements, all components are non-rust.