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One-piece Molded Fibreglass

The ideal shower solution for your new log cabin!

One of the things to keep in mind is that the timber logs of your new cabin will be shrinking and settling while drying out. This results in not being able to affix anything solid to the walls in a vertical fashion during the first 12 to 24 months (horizontal is fine of course, as all screws or nails will be anchored into the same log).

This in theory causes problems when tiling wet areas, especially in shower enclosures. As the logs will settle / shrink during the first 12 to 24 months after the cabin built, tiles affixed to the walls (or other waterproof membranes or panels) will invariably come loose and thus cease to perform.

Flair Shower Cubicle ROSALIE

Flair Shower Cubicle ROSALIE

In all cases there are easy and practical solutions for this occurrence. All fixings need to be done horizontally so that items attached to the wall (i.e. a mirror) can move with the log they are attached to.

Of course you will have an immediate need for an attractive and permanently watertight shower recess. "Timber Log Buildings Australia" recommends the installation of a free-standing fiberglass shower enclosure, eliminating the need to affix the shower walls to the timber logs all together. These very clever enclosures can be supplied with all plumbing fittings attached, so all your plumber has to do is connect the hot and cold water service and the waste - and you can have a shower a few minutes later!

Our preferred supplier is "Flair Fibreglass" - owner Alan is more than happy to help with your inquiries!

Why Choose a Flair Shower?

  • Freestanding design (Standard and Raised base models)
  • Quality, Experience, Attention to detail
  • Easily installed, with or without factory fit out
  • Large range of sizes and styles
  • Ideally suitable for timber log cabins
  • Easy clean, leak-proof, reinforced & built to last, high quality materials used
  • Family business, owned & operated (Since 1995), Australian
  • Can be purchased ready to connect with fitout to customer specifications
  • Practical and economical (saves time and money) solution