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Our garden shed SPIEKEROOG is made from extra thick 70mm logs, so will withstand just about anything! Other timber shed manufacturers "boast" that their cabins are 28mm thick - of course with the aim of cutting down the price as much as possible - invariably resulting in an inferior product.

All our solid timber log sheds are watertight and windproof, meaning that bugs and spiders can not get in (like in low-quality tin-sheet garden sheds), and that you can stay in your shed in even the worst of weather conditions. These type of sheds are simply in a different league with regards to strength, beauty, functionality and longevity.

Garden Shed SPIEKEROOG 70

Garden Shed SPIEKEROOG 70 - built in August 2022

Garden Shed - SPIEKEROOG 70

The SPIEKEROOG 70 is very strongly built, and the largest backyard shed in our range. The image on the left shows our most recent built finished end August 2022 in Wynnum, Brisbane. We were again impressed with the huge size, and the overall quality. The front window and the door are interchangeable, here the double door was positioned on the right.

One large room of 5.0 x 4.8 meters (a full 24 sqm) allows you to easily fit in just about anything you like. Calling it a "garden shed" in the traditional sense could easily be an insult to this beauty!

The front entrance is protected by a 900mm deep porch roof, keeping the weather out when opening the door to your SPIEKEROOG.



The SPIEKEROOG 70 measures 5 x 4.8 meters- totaling 24.44 sqm, so in most suburban areas a Council permit is required. Please check with your local authorities before erecting your new garden shed!

Ground Plan - SPIEKEROOG 70

Will take your workbench if you like, or the mower, garden tools and so on.... One large front gable door and one large space to put in whatever you like, plus for light and airflow there is a window on the left (or on the right...). For weather protection there is a 900mm overhang porch roof at the front, adding further to the SPIKEROOG's functionality.

The slide show below shows a few different versions of the SPIEKEROOG - the Australian version always comes with square end-cuts (not angled like shown on some of the images) PLUS in extra strong 70mm logs (much thicker than what is depicted in some images).

Click here to download plans {pdf}

  • The SPIEKEROOG 70 has a foot print of more than 10 sqm, and might therefore need Council approval.
  • Double Glazed Windows and Solid Pine Core Doors - click for more information
  • Individual requirements and preferences for external decking / patios / verandas vary from site to site and are therefore not included in your backyard shed kit
  • Colorbond Roofing and or roof insulation / sisalation is not included but can easily be sourced locally to suit your preferred colour
  • Backyard Sheds normally come with softwood floorboards not suitable to Australian conditions (not included in your cabin kit), we recommend to replace with StructaFloor / TermiFloor tongue-and-groove particle board flooring.