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"Timber Log Buildings Australia" recommends TERMIFLOR® particle board flooring for all residential timber log buildings in our range. There is NO Flooring included in your timber log building kit, as Australian conditions demand 100% protection aganist termite damage. TERMIFLOR® can easily be sourced from your local hardware store or your contracted licensed builder.

The information on this page has been taken from the TERMIFLOR® website.

A floor made from TERMIFLOR® particle board protects your cabin floor against termite damage!

STRUCTAflor® TERMIflor® is termite protected structural grade particleboard sheet flooring, providing cost-effective long-term defense against termite damage.

  • Protected against termite damage – treated in accordance with Australian Standards
  • STRUCTAflor® TERMIflor® has a Red coloured edge wax to identify floor type
  • STRUCTAflor® TERMIflor® has unique colour-coded tongues to identify thickness
  • Yellow Tongue - 19mm for joist centres up to 450mm
  • Inbuilt moisture protection
  • Wax impregnated throughout
  • Edge wax coated
  • No need to seal uncut edges
  • Produced in Australia from sustainably grown Australian plantation pine
  • Manufactured from Australian plantation pine

Due to its resin-enriched surface ensuring weather durability, most particleboard floorings can stay exposed to the weather for up to 3 months.

Tongue and groove panels have edges fitted with colour-coded PVC tongues to ensure an easy and tight fit for adjoining panels.

StructaFlor® and TermiFlor® are graded particleboard sheet flooring, manufactured in Australia to comply with the requirements for Particleboard Flooring, Class 1, in Australian Standard, AS/NZS 1860.1:2002, Particleboard.

Designed to provide a total flooring concept, StructaFlor and TermiFlor are particularly suited to platform construction where the floor is laid prior to the erection of walls. It is made from precision milled wood flakes and bonded with moisture resistant synthetic resin. For additional protection during construction and exposure to weather, the upper surface is resin enriched and all edges are wax sealed.

StructaFlor and TermiFlor are sanded on the underside for thickness control and accurate edge profiling. Factory grooved long edges are fitted to one side with a distinctive, colour-coded rigid PP tongue to ensure a neat, tight fit for adjoining panels.

TERMIFLOR comes with a 25 year treatment supplier guarantee.