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Wall Insulation Kit - included with all Residential Cabins!

Whilst solid timber logs provide the best possible single-layer thermal insulation, in some regions of Australia additional protection against outside heat or cold will be required. Of course, the Australian climate is generally milder than in Northern European countries, where our log cabins are produced. As a result, the European manufacturing processes used in the production of our residential timber log buildings are already catering for the extremes - including heavy snowloads on roofs, and outside temperatures down to minus 30 Degrees!

Even better wall insulation is achieved by adding timber cladding to all exterior walls - INCLUDED WITH ALL OUR RESIDENTIAL CABINS!

The cladding creates a vented air gap between the outer t&g boards, followed by an breathable membrane, covering a 95mm space that is created by 95mm studs screwed into the inner solid log wall. Insulation bats are placed in between the studs. This additional insulation layer was developed for the harsher European climates, but it will certainly help keeping your timber log home at a very comfortable temperature all year round - especially in Australian tropical regions or the colder High Country.

Also important to note is that as of 1 May 2019 the "National Construction Code" (NCC) introduced new rules with regards to single skin residential dwellings - this was meant to address the new trend of shipping container homes that have huge problems with condensation.

Of course this rule should NOT apply to solid timber log walls, as they are a superior insulator and absorb and expel moisture as needed - same with heat or cold. Unfortunately, the NCC makes no difference between timber and steel or aluminium etc, so log cabins are currently forced into being built using double skin outer walls.

A diagram of the different layers of a typical outside wall is shown above (log cabin inside is on the right, outside on the left). Note that you will get all timber and metal bracket components, but NOT the actual insulation wool. It is much more cost effective to source insulation bats / wool locally here, importing these from Europe is much more expensive, due to their bulk and applicable import duties and taxes. So you get the studs, the metal connector brackets, screws and the solid timber cladding t&g boards. Installation is easy, and once finished the exterior wall looks exactly like the log wall inside.

The external cladding comes with your timber log building, as door and window jambs will need to be widened to allow for the additional thickness of the outer wall.

One of the most striking construction differences are the windows and doors. Please check our info on DOUBLE GLAZED WINDOWS and also SOLID CORE DOORS.