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Detlef in Estonia Dec 2018 - garden shed built in progress

The good life starts here!

Welcome to your new Timber Log Home!

Timber Log Buildings Australia share your excitement and are delighted that you are interested in living in a solid timber log building!

May we introduce ourselves and invite you to experience the world of cabin living? My wife Nori and I founded "Timber Log Buildings Australia" in 2018. We moved from Germany to Australia more than 30 years ago. Having spent our childhoods in Germany, we have always loved the ambience and natural beauty of solid log cabins and houses, and after many years of "toying" with the idea we are now bringing this passion for European styled log buildings to Australia.

Timber Log Cabins and Buildings Australia

Checking out a finished LARS cabin

In the European Winter of 2018 (end November / early December) I (Detlef) spent a few weeks in Estonia and Latvia meeting directly with log cabin manufacturers. This included factory tours, life demonstrations of the timber log manufacturing processes but also, admitting - a few late night outings with great food and lots of vodka in the company of our valued suppliers.

To our main suppliers' bewilderment (amusement?) I had volunteered to help with a "HUMBERLAND" cabin built in Estonia (well, two of those actually, see slide show below) , to learn first-hand the construction methods and various mechanical procedures as well as the specialist tools and fittings used in the construction of a timber log cabin. Starting work in the dark at about 8am somewhere "in the sticks" (literally - aka the Estonian Forests), with daylight for about 6 hours a day and finishing work at 6pm again in total darkness (well, the generators provided the flood lighting) is something quite strange. Add to this temperatures between -3 and -7 degrees Celsius and working on frozen ground - and the fun was never ending!

This experience has proven to be invaluable. Drawing on my knowledge in general construction and fitting out numerous retail businesses over the last two decades, alongside my first-hand experience in building a log cabin, Timber Log Buildings Australia are now bringing these skills to the emerging Australian timber log construction industry.

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of living in a timber log cabin. It is an every-day experience that cannot be matched by any other kind of living, providing the best home to relax and enjoy a happy and healthy life. The natural appearance of the timber makes a timber log building naturally attractive and beautiful.

The atmosphere of a log house is relaxed and the choices you make when planning your log house will create the unique and personal feeling of your home. Log buildings promote good health thanks to the unique characteristics of natural wood as a building material.

The "spirit" of a log house originates from organic wood. Despite the high degree of processing, the dense and healthy log in the wall is still the same tree that has endured snow, rain and sun in the forest. The feeling you get when you walk through the doors of a log house is unique – warm, cosy and welcoming. Naturally.

You will enjoy the pleasant look and touch of natural wood. All this in a perfect harmony with your values: life in a log home requires no compromises with your aspirations for organic, sustainable and ecological life style and values.

Quote from a log cabin owner:
“It’s a renewed pleasure every time we enter our home. It gives us a deep feeling of peace-of-mind and happiness in our daily lives.”

Simply walking into a timber log building makes your heart jump. You are instantly greeted by the fragrant of timber, and are invited to enjoy the warmth and the homely feeling of your cabin – every single time you enter. A tasteful selection of wooden furniture and décor items that match the overall theme of residential log cabins can be used to further enhance their aesthetic and natural beauty.

Please view the video link below - it is from a company called "Skanholz". While Skanholz is not one of our selected suppliers Timber Log Buildings Australia found this video to be very informative and helpful to learn more about the construction methods used for log cabins.

In 2010 the "Finnish Log House Association" issued an excellent document called "DESIGN PRINCIPLES FOR LOG BUILDINGS", providing a comprehensive overview of all relevant topics:
3.1 Settling
3.2 Breathability and tightness
3.3 Durability and protection of a log wall
3.4 Lengthening of logs
4.1 Load-bearing capacity
4.2 Energy efficiency and heat losses
4.2.1 Provisions 2008–2010
4.2.2 Provisions 2010
4.2.3 Thermal insulation characteristics of log walls
4.3 Moisture behavior of log walls
4.4 Moisture proofing
4.5 Fire resistance of log structures
4.6 Sound-insulation capacity of a log wall
4.6.1 Uninsulated log walls
4.6.2 Log walls with additional insulation on the inside or outside
4.7 Ventilation of buildings