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A Granny Flat from “Timber Log Buildings Australia” is a phantastic addition to your home!

If you’ve always wanted some extra room around the home, somewhere where your family can live, or an easy investment property, a granny flat can be absolutely ideal. A solid timber log cabin is not only easy and quick to build, it is also easy on your hip pocket!

A granny flat can be defined as a fully self contained home extension that is built on the same plot of land than the main home. Essentially, it is another, smaller home on your property. Usually, the granny flat is located to the rear of the main home, and it can share the backyard with the main home or have its own section of the yard fenced off. Local councils will dictate what the maximum size of a granny flat can be (usually no more than 60 square metres).

As a Granny Flat is fully self contained, they’ll usually contain at least one bedroom, a kitchen or kitchenette, a living area, a bathroom and a laundry mostly contained within the bathroom or kitchen.

Depending on the regulations imposed by your local Council, Granny Flats can be occupied by different people. They are hugely popular for ageing people (parents and grandparents) as they are still able to keep their independence while still staying close to family for comfort and support. They are also suited to children that are moving out for the first time, or for family members or close friends. Granny Flats are also becoming a popular investment choice as homeowners can often easily rent them out for extra income.

NOTE – please check your local building regulations for all relevant details as to what size and type of building you are allowed to erect on your block.