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Prices for timber from the European Baltic States have increased by over 20% in 2020/21!
We are currently out of stock of the Sammy5, after selling even our display model FULLY ASSEMBLED on a heavy duty metal foundation skid (imported BEFORE the price rise!), with 3-meter front hardwood deck and balustrade etc. Please check out the slide show on the bottom left of this page.
We will be bringing in a slightly larger model to replace the Sammy5, measuring just under 20sqm, the max. size allowed for garden sheds in NSW and in VIC. We expect delivery some time mid 2022.

Garden Shed SAMMY 5

Garden Shed SAMMY 5

Garden Shed - SAMMY 5

The SAMMY 5 is the larger brother of the SAM10 - it has a footprint of 12sqm. A classic one-room cabin giving you plenty of space.

The SAMMY 5 is very strongly built, and the solid timber logs allow you to easily fit out the inside with whatever you desire. Suitable for far more uses than just storing your every-day variety of garden tools (though the SAMMY 5 does that, too!!). How about an artist's studio? A teenagers break-out room? A LEGO cave? Or the workshop you always wanted....

SAMMY 5 Ground Plan

SAMMY 5 Ground Plan

The slide show below shows a few different versions of the SAMMY 5.

In March / April 2020 we started building our little display village in Mullumbimby, NSW North Coast.

The slide show on the left shows the SAMMY 5 built - noting that we opted to build this cabin on a metal skid (similar to the TORSTEN we have also built for you to have a look at!). All our cabins can be built on any proper foundation - concrete or a raised platform made out of steel or timber are all fine.

The last two slides show the chunky hardwood decking we installed and the totally finished deck with balustrade and steps - looks brilliant we think!!

Click here to download plans {pdf}

  • Double Glazed Windows and Solid Pine Core Doors - click for more information
  • Individual requirements and preferences for external decking / patios / verandas vary from site to site and are therefore not included in your backyard shed kit
  • Colorbond Roofing is not included and can easily be sourced locally in your chosen colour
  • Backyard Sheds normally come with softwood floorboards not suitable to Australian conditions (not included in your cabin kit), we recommend to replace these with StructaFloor / TermiFloor tongue-and-groove particle board flooring,